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Jan 11 2014

DayZ & Humanity or What a Videogame Could Teach Us

Nerdy Gamer post, so if you aren’t into video games, feel free to ignore….

Still interested?

Are you sure? It’s super nerdy….

Still interested? Ok, so DayZ. DayZ has become my newest addiction. The game is incredibly. Let me know if you play it and hit me up and I’ll add you on steam. Also, as a total sociological experiment, it merits research. Its exciting for the medium because for the most part, videogames have tried to touch only on core emotions. Happy, Sad, Jealous, Angry, Regret, etc. Look at games like The Last of US or Braid for examples. What is exciting about DayZ is that the emotions you feel are vastly more complex. It still boils down to things like fear or anger, but the social interactions are what interject the complexity. I’ve seen kind people, cold people, and even jealous people. There are many things that DayZ does with social interactions that no other game could ever touch. Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? The highs and lows, examples of humanity at its best and at its worst. You get to interact with it all in this game. Also this game is in alpha, meaning its broken, laggy, unoptimized, etc. Still, there is something incredibly special here. 
Ok, now lets finish this with some amazing videos of the game in action -

Jun 28 2013

"Life" by Wes Borland’s Twitter Feed

Mr. Borland was in an advice giving mood on his twitter feed. Some of it was silly, some of it was repetitive, but it was pretty good. I assembled the list here.

1. Here’s some ‘real” non software gear you might want to get: -Casio SK-1 -Echoplex -Atari Punk Circuit Synth -Roland Paraphonic 505

2. Be careful when you attempt to slap and pop a bass. It might not sound as good to others as it does to you.

3. When leaving a party or bar, always ask a small group where the toilet is and say you’ll be right back. Then go home.

4. Keep your wallet in your front pocket and never in your back pocket.

5. Try using a bobby pin to clean your ears instead of a q-tip. Use the loop end and carefully scrape out the bad stuff.

6. Drink more water, park as far out in the parking lot as you can, don’t eat meat 1 day of the week.

7. Nobody is paying as much attention to you as you think they are. If you need to pee, you can probably get away with it anywhere.

8. You can make an album at home for almost nothing. The possibilities are only limited to your creativity, which is endless.

9. I learned how to mix on the internet, asking questions, and through trial and error. You can learn anything the same way.

10. Easy way to blow a mind: Carry a cheap extra umbrella in your car. Someday it’ll be raining and you can hand it to someone who needs it.

11. Some people need to be punched back harder than they punch you. Others need to be hugged when they punch you. It’s a tough decision.

12. Some days you should just leave the canvas blank.

13. Don’t watch commercials. Ever. Hide your eyes and mute the TV or computer. There’s nothing there that will benefit you.

14. You’re wrong. A lot. Admit it when you are. You’ll get more respect than if you’re an immovable know it all.

15. Try combining multiple things that you’re good at into one job or activity.

16. If you want something and can’t afford it, make it. Even if you fail you will have learned something.

17. Wearing sunglasses at night and in dark environments is way more weird and suspect than it is cool.

18. Never use the presets

19. Men should lose the flip flops in restaurants. C’mon guys. We’re trying to eat here.

20. You can carry duct tape by transferring it to an old license or plastic gift card. You’ll have a flat roll that’s easy to pocket.

21. Tell him/her you love them in a new and creative way. It’ll mean more. Sometimes a surprise sandwich works.

22. Most of the time nobody is coming to help you. Do it yourself. Fix it yourself. Save yourself.

23. Try to listen to music for what it is instead of letting it remind you of where you were when you first heard it. Listen to new music.

24. A wise man once said: “If you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for anything.” I think I believe that.

25. Don’t let age, sex, race, income level, or geographic location influence who you think you are. You’re better than that.

26. Go on adventures whenever you can.

27. If you really want to get that fucking couch up those fucking stairs, you can do it.

28. If you’re about to pop, try listening to anything by Satie

29. Fiber is super important. Make sure you’re getting enough.

30. Do it today.

31. Over thinking and limitless options give death to creativity. Set a goal and set parameters. Commit and pull the trigger.

32. If you didn’t like baklava when you first tried it, you may want to give it another shot. Every dessert deserves a second chance.

33. Use your gut for the big decisions and logic for the small ones. In matters of the heart, the right side of the brain will always win.

34. Shower often and brush your teeth. Dental insurance usually only covers cleanings and gold teeth are expensive.

35. You’re all going to get old and be mocked by the generation behind you. Get over it. Who cares.

36. Try juicing fruits and vegetables. It’s a mess and fun and really good for you. Breville makes the best juicers.

37. If you have the misfortune of ever breaking a rib. Avoid your funny friends for the next couple of months. They’ll forgive your absence.

38. Real will always sound better than virtual. The human element is the most beautiful thing about art and music. Make little mistakes.

39. Be spontaneous without being impulsive. At times it’s hard to tell the difference. Good luck.

40. When you make art, don’t be precious with your work. You can always start again. It’s just paper/canvas/hard drive space/clay/film.

41. If you need to get an important idea across to a person in writing, make it brief and to the point. Nobody wants ‘novel-sized’ emails.

42. Stand for something, better yet, stand for yourself. You are your own protector and cheerleader.

43. Loctite 2 part epoxy gel will fix pretty much anything. I buy it in cases of 10. It’s as indispensable as duct tape and knives.

44. You may have heard this before a lot, but for christ sake: read a fucking book. Read Catcher In The Rye or Slapstick or something. Jesus

45. If in the moment diving into the drum kit seems like a good idea… IT IS.

46. Fearlessly eat strange foods.

47. Do NOT eat fast food ever. EVER. Not even occasionally. It’s worthless and it will turn you into mush.

48. If it’s legal where you live, carry a pocket knife with you.

49. Don’t complain. Venting is okay. You need to vent every once in a while. But nobody wants to hear you complain about anything. Shut up.

50. Sometimes people should hear what you think. Sugarcoating and white lies should be kept 2 a minimum, unless ur at church then go for it.

51. Creativity comes in waves and what some call writer’s block is, in my opinion, a placid sea between the big surf. Don’t worry. Wait.

52. The Leatherman Skeletool is the best every day carry tool I’ve found out there. It has all the essentials and carries like a knife.

53. Most of reasons for the things people do can be boiled down to the need to be loved or the fear of not being loved.

54. Nobody thinks it will ever happen to them, but it does.

55. Quit smoking today. Right now.

56. You’re beautiful without the make up.

57. I’ve found that people who tell you they listen to everything generally aren’t that interested in music.

58. Thoughts can make you physically sick or heal you. Do not under estimate the power of your mind over your body.

59. Call a cab. Who cares if your car gets towed? We still need you to be around for a while.

60. It’s important to forgive and forget, but in extreme situations, some people just need to be X-ed from your life.

61. Do NOT discuss religion or politics at extended family gatherings. Just keep the conversation light and surface.

62. You aren’t going to feel like doing it tomorrow anymore than you feel like doing it today. Might as well get it over with.

63. There’s no elegant way to surrender when you realize while having a heated argument that the other person is right, but you must.

64. There’s more than just one person out there for you.

65. I know it itches, but you have got to stop picking at it. Leave it alone.

66. A good leader delegates responsibility to others. Micromanaging those being led crushes their spirits and weakens their loyalty.

67. Carbonic acid attacks tooth enamel. All carbonated drinks contain it. Even sparkling water. Beware.

68. If it seems like bullshit, it probably is. Hustlers are everywhere.

69. Always carry your own bag. Letting other people do it only results in unnecessary tipping and missed opportunities for small workouts.

70. Avoid engaging in serious discussions with adults over 30 about conspiracy theories.

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Feb 24 2013
Evening winter sky.

Evening winter sky.

Jan 21 2013
Sake with friends. (at Friends Sushi & Bento Place)

Sake with friends. (at Friends Sushi & Bento Place)

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Cloudy drive

Cloudy drive

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